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Krotz Generators is a leading private company in the field of rental, sale, and service of diesel generators manufactured by all the leading manufacturers and retailers in the world. We are leading the industry with vast experience and reputation.

Krotz Generators are committed to providing clients with the proper required solutions according to their specific needs, starting with adjusting the generator type, on towards a successful supply and installation, while also providing maintenance and repair services, to enable uninterrupted continual work schedule both in the short and medium run, at any time and place. We will be happy to provide you with personal and continuous guidance from our best professionals.

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Service, maintenance, consulting, import Selling and renting generators

We provide a variety of creative solutions, maintenance and operation services in the following areas: repair services, diagnostics, and handling of all types of malfunctions: mechanical or electrical.

  • We offer Service Agreements at high availability and lucrative prices.
  • We will carry out annual and periodical inspections by a certified inspector.

Among our clients: House committees, factories, hospitals, nursing homes, chicken coop owners, kibbutzim, event halls, regional councils, municipalities, water corporations, holding companies.

The Company Owner

Tzvika Krotz – Company No. 515213130 gained 25 years of professional experience in the field, with the knowledge and ability to provide solutions and proper responses for all institutions and bodies, both in the business and private sectors – and everywhere throughout the country.
Tzvika specializes in providing technical and professional advice, tailoring the generators to customer needs. Professional, reliable, responsible and high service minded. Our company provides services according to stringent standards and is audited by the Standards Institute, certified ISO9001 2015. We would be happy to assist you at any time.
Krotz Generators Ltd. 515213130

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